Toronto, ON - JSpaceCanada unequivocally condemns the terror attacks in Israel and in the occupied West Bank which occurred as the holidays of Passover, Ramadan, and Easter converged.

Two British-Israeli sisters from the settlement of Efrat were killed, and their mother remains in critical condition after they were shot by a Palestinian gunman in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

Additionally, one Italian tourist has been pronounced dead, with seven others wounded after a Palestinian citizen of Israel from the town of Kafr Qassam rammed his car into a busy seaside promenade. 

In updated reporting, Tel Aviv District Commander Ami Eshed has confirmed that the police and Shin Bet security service are looking into the possibility that this was not a terror attack. 

We also condemn the indiscriminate rockets hitting Israeli towns and cities in both the north and south, coming from Hamas bases in Lebanon and Gaza. Israel has a right to defend itself against attacks, and we call for a proportionate response.

“Every year, we wait with bated breath, knowing that this time of year inevitably brings increased tensions and violence in the Holy Land” said JSpaceCanada Board Chair Joe Roberts, “This year, as the holidays of Passover, Ramadan, and Easter converge we urge all parties to restore calm and allow for peaceful worship and freedom of religion at these holy sites.”

“We also recognize the imbalance of power and the detrimental effects of a 55+ year Israeli occupation. While this is not an excuse for attacks on innocent civilians, which will never bring about peace or an end to the occupation, it is an acknowledgment that to end the constant terror, fear, and loss of innocent lives on either/all sides, governments, leaders, and allies must address the larger systemic imbalances rather than the specific incidents.” said Roberts. “The only way to break out of this inequitable system, to offer peace, security, and freedom to Israelis and Palestinians is to recommit to a two-state solution. We call on the Canadian government to once again become an active partner to our allies in Israel and the Palestinian territories to work towards a negotiated, just peace in the region.”