JSpaceCanada is a pro-Israel, pro-peace Zionist advocacy organization. We champion a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine.


JSpaceCanada is the home for Canadian Jews who are deeply committed to self-determination for Jews and Palestinians. Our organization formed because voices like ours need to be louder. As Jewish Zionists, we are stakeholders in Israel, and therefore have a role to play in ensuring Israel’s future as a democratic state. For this to happen, we must be able to engage critically in conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


To build a Canadian Jewish community that is a leader in promoting solutions for peace. We will achieve our mission through:

  • Advocacy to promote pro-peace policies within our national and local institutions.

  • Offering educational experiences that bring diverse viewpoints and foster meaningful dialogue.

  • Training and supporting youth to shift our community’s conversation about Israel.


Our vision is self-determination for the Jewish and Palestinian peoples, championed by the Canadian Jewish community.


Self-Determination: We are committed to safety and self-determination for both Jews and Palestinians.

Inclusivity: We believe in engaging with the multiple perspectives in our community with empathy.

Bridge building: We engage diverse groups, starting from places of comfort and humanity that lead to exploration.

Education: We work to broaden perspectives about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Efficiency: We’re committed to evolving our governance and operations to strengthen our reach and impact.