JSpaceCanada unequivocally condemns the recent pogrom that claimed the life of an innocent Palestinian civilian and brought terror and destruction to the village of Huwara by Israeli settlers.

We also condemn the terror attack that preceded it, claiming the lives of two young Israeli men. This is not a one-off, and this is not happening in a vacuum. We are extremely concerned about the level of violence, not seen since the Second Intifada, and the Israeli political figures who are more interested in increasing than decreasing tensions.

We call on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take control of the quickly deteriorating situation and restore order in the occupied territories. JSpaceCanada, in alignment with this and all other Canadian governments as well as Canadian Jewish institutions, are strong advocates of a two-state solution and sovereignty for both Jews and Palestinians. In order to preserve and achieve this goal, we implore the Israeli government to not take actions that make this outcome more difficult.

As the authority in the occupied West Bank, it is imperative that the safety and security of innocent Palestinians are guaranteed by Israel. The security services and the IDF must enforce the law equally, especially when faced with mob violence and vigilante justice. We urge the Israeli government to take swift action to bring those responsible for the recent attacks in Huwara, and those who incited them, to justice and to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.