Toronto, ON - Today, on 15 May, 2023, Palestinians around the world are marking Nakba Day. Al-Nakba, meaning 'the catastrophe' in Arabic, represents the Palestinian exodus and the displacement of roughly 700,000 Palestinians from historic Palestine in 1948.

Nakba Day is commemorated on May 15, the date on the Gregorian calendar on which Israel declared Independence.

As proud Zionists who believe in and celebrate the founding and continued existence of the State of Israel, we recognize that an event and time that is a celebration for us is a tragedy for others. To truly achieve a just and lasting peace - something that we believe to be vital for Israel’s future - we must be able to recognize multiple, often conflicting, truths and narratives.

“We know that the word ‘nakba’ and the commemoration of this day can be triggering for some in the Jewish community,” said Joe Roberts, chair of JSpaceCanada. “At JSpaceCanada, we believe in listening to multiple truths and working through our discomfort in the name of reconciliation and peace.”

JSpaceCanada is proud to work with so many Palestinian individuals and civil society organizations - like Dr. Shibley Telhami and Dr. Khalil Shikaki who recently participated in JSpaceCanada-hosted events - who similarly acknowledge the history of Jewish trauma in the name of reconciliation and a just and lasting two-state solution.”

“To reach a just, negotiated two-state solution, with sovereignty and self-determination for Jews and Palestinians, all sides must be willing to engage with difficult narratives and work towards solutions that honour, not deny, one another’s lived experiences.”

Just as we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Israel’s Independence, JSpaceCanada is committed to recognizing the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. We remain committed to a just, negotiated, two-state solution as the only meaningful path forward for both Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the future of both the Jewish and Palestinian diaspora.