JSpaceCanada is deeply concerned about the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories and calls for Canada's proactive leadership to promote restraint and prevent further escalation of violence.

Last week, the Palestinian Authority suspended crucial security cooperation with Israel following a major incursion by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) into the West Bank city of Jenin and the Jenin refugee camp, which resulted in the deaths of at least nine Palestinians, including both Islamic Jihad militants and civilians, and over twenty injured. The IDF incursion was reportedly aimed at preventing a potential terror attack. Additionally, terrorist groups have tried to take advantage of the situation by launching a round of rocket fire at Israeli civilians, which prompted the IDF to carry out airstrikes in Gaza in response.

Canada must emphasize the need to prevent incitement and acts of terror by militant groups and stress the importance of coordinating with Israel to prevent further escalation in the West Bank. With the new right-wing Netanyahu government in place, the Canadian government must make it clear that they oppose any actions that deepen the occupation or annexation and inflame tensions, and undermine the aspirations of the Palestinians for independent statehood. Canada must also make it clear that policies aimed at punishing the Palestinian Authority for acts of nonviolent opposition to the occupation are harmful and only empower extremist factions, endangering Israel's security.

As the Canadian government has repeatedly stated, both Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live safely and securely. To end the cycle of violence and ensure a secure and equal future for both peoples, Canada must pursue policies aimed at transforming the current situation of endless conflict and permanent occupation, not just managing or reducing tensions.