Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.

Far too often, when tensions escalate in Israel-Palestine, we divide ourselves into camps, into tribes. It becomes a zero-sum game. For me to win, you must lose. 

This is not only false, it is a manipulation tactic by those in power, seeking to keep Jews and Arabs not only separated but seeing one another as enemies, dehumanizing the other. 

This helps the minority in power - by keeping us divided, they can maintain a status quo of occupation and systemic inequity. But we are the majority.

We know that by working together, supporting Jews and Arabs fighting for a better future in Israel-Palestine, listening to one another, and holding multiple truths we can create a future of shared struggle, shared resistance, and shared society.

By signing this pledge, you agree to:

LISTEN to voices of Palestinians and Israelis working towards a more equitable future.

READ the stories of voices you may not have heard before.

WATCH the retelling of multiple histories.

ENGAGE in conversation, dialogue, and debate that expands your mindset.

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