“JSpaceCanada applauds Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s remarks today addressing the situation in Israel. We wholeheartedly agree with the Prime Minister that Israelis and Palestinians deserve the right to safely celebrate Ramadan and Passover in peace and security during this holy time of prayer and reflection.

The Prime Minister’s unequivocal expression of principled concerns with the direction of the Netanyahu government — and support for the remarkable protest movement among the Israeli people in opposition to this government’s direction — highlights Canada’s commitment to a strong relationship with Israel based on shared values as liberal democracies. The Prime Minister's concerns reflect the concerns of Canada’s Jewish community, who overwhelmingly oppose the direction taken by the Israeli government, according to polling recently commissioned by JSpaceCanada and the New Israel Fund of Canada.

We share the Prime Minister’s concerns with the administration’s extremist rhetoric, anti-democratic “judicial reform” agenda, and escalation of violence around the Al Aqsa mosque. We appreciate the Prime Minister’s commitment to “absolutely and unequivocally condemn” the retaliatory rocket attacks from militants in Gaza.

We share the Prime Minister’s stance that as “a dear and close and steadfast friend to Israel” we must tell our friends when they are on the wrong path, and support his commitment to Canada’s continued role as a voice for peace and prosperity for everyone in the region.”