Our hearts are broken this morning as we awoke to news of the of infiltration of dozens of terrorists into communities near the Gaza border and a barrage rocket fire against Israeli cities. These attacks are unprecedented and indiscriminate. As we watch with horror, we pray for the safety of our friends and our families in Israel, on what is perhaps one of the bloodiest days of violence in a generation.

At least 70 Israelis have been killed, over 900 wounded (at time of publication), more kidnapped and held hostage, and far too many forever scarred by this blatant act of aggression by Hamas. Our thoughts and our prayers are with today’s victims. 

We stand united in solidarity with the people of Israel in this dark hour, and we call upon the Government of Canada and our international allies to condemn this act of war brought upon the people of Israel. 

On this dark day, we pray for Israel’s armed forces to defend her people with strength and courage.

We recall the words of the prophet Isaiah as we pray for an end to this conflict, that “nation shall not raise sword against nation, neither shall they learn war.”