JSpaceCanada condemns the ongoing terror attacks and riots perpetrated by occupied West Bank settlers that escalated in intensity last week.

We mourn the loss of four Israelis who were killed in an attack by a Palestinian gunman near the Jewish settlement of Eli earlier in the week and pray for the recovery of the additional four wounded.

While media outlets and officials have attributed the recent attack outside of Eli as a “trigger” for the escalation in violence, this is just the latest in a series of “revenge attacks” perpetrated by both Israeli settlers and Palestinians. This cycle will not diminish or end without a long-term commitment to a negotiated, just peace.

“We see once again that a hard-line, ultra-nationist right-wing Israeli government does not bring enhanced security or peace for Israel or its neighbours” said JSpaceCanada board chair, Joe Roberts. “We call on the Canadian government, as steadfast allies of Israel, to encourage de-escalation and a restoration of calm. Incitements to further violence - whether civilian or military - coming from the right-wing camp in Israel  are counterintuitive to Canada’s foreign policy in the region, of working towards a two-state solution and de-escalation”

Successive Israeli governments' commitment to occupation as a status quo leads only to endless conflict and is devastating for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

We call on the Canadian government to do everything in its power to reduce tensions, deter destructive actions, and prevent further violence and suffering in accordance with its commitment to a just and negotiated two-state solution.