Emergency Briefing Gaza

On May 8, the IDF announced the beginning of its latest Gaza operation - Operation Shield and Arrow. Since it began, rockets have been launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad from Gaza into Israel, with most either falling within Gaza or being intercepted by the Iron Dome. Israel has reported killing 16 terrorists but has also admitted to the death of 10 civilians during these strikes. PIJ rockets have been responsible for the death of one Israeli in Rehovot.

On Monday, May 15, we'll be joined by the Director of International Relations of Gisha, Dana Mills, to discuss the ongoing military conflict between Israel and the PIJ, the implications for Israeli and Palestinian society, and how Israel's current political turmoil is affected by this operation.

About Gisha: Gisha is an Israeli not-for-profit organization, founded in 2005, whose goal is to protect the freedom of movement of Palestinians, especially Gaza residents. Gisha promotes rights guaranteed by international and Israeli law.


May 15, 2023 at 2:00pm - 3pm




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