The horrific Hamas terror attacks on October 7 and the ensuing Israel-Hamas war have brought immense suffering to the region, and concern in the diaspora for all of us who care deeply about all human life in Israel-Palestine.

We continue to fear for the safety of the hostages still held in Gaza, we mourn the immense loss of life, and hold the suffering of all those who have lost family, friends, and loved ones.

From this horrific period, one thing is clear - a new paradigm for the Middle East must emerge.

No longer can we maintain a fictitious "status quo", no longer can we ignore the occupation, no longer can we believe Hamas can be placated through economic incentives, no longer can we allow the two-state solution to remain on the backburner, relegated to mere lip-service.

The extreme right-wing in Israel is already planning - planning to resettle Gaza, planning to forcibly evict more and more Palestinians from their home in the occupied West Bank, planning more settlements and outposts - illegal under international law.

If we don't present a counter-plan, if we don't push back against extremist forces looking to use this opportunity to sow further chaos and violence in the region, their plan will succeed. So we must take action now.

Our Day-After series, both online and in-person, answers your most pressing questions about how we move forward from here, what a day-after looks like, and how all Canadians who care so deeply about the region can play a part in advancing peace.